Easily Advertise and Coordinate Trip Pick Ups

The #1 Flight Attendant App for advertising your trips. Want to pick up more work or find someone to pickup your trip? TripPusher makes it possible to easily get notified when trips you want are available.

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TripPusher Features

  • Advertise your trip

    Know that all who have subscribed to trips matching your criteria will get a push notification on their cell phones; notifying all of them that you have a trip they are interested in. They can contact you by phone or within the app over Trip Pusher's instant messaging. First one to contact you gets your trip!

  • Receive Trip Alerts on Your Phone

    A real Jet Way trade portal with push notifications!


    Forget trolling through countless posts looking for a trip you want to fly. Simply subscribe for your required criteria, and wait for the push notification to come in. Be ready to contact the advertising flight attendant asap to arrange picking it up!

  • Connect with Fellow Flight Attendants

    Chat rooms for bases, reserves and city/layover sharing!

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Simply put, a better way to get the word out on your advertised trip! Online forums to this date have been the best way to advertise trips with greater exposure. The problem with online forums like Facebook is missing relevant posts, or having your post pushed down into a cyber abyss by all of the other numerous competing posts. To make matters worse, many of these postings are not things you or others may even care to be scrolling through; The fact is 40% of Flight Attendants who might otherwise want to know about your trip unfortunately avoid Facebook.

How does Trip Pusher solve all this? It’s in the name! It’s the power to push relevant content/information to Flight Attendants looking to receive it, but without all the background chatter one has to sort through in a forum. Better yet, it's all in one app, right here on your phone.

  • Pushing trips with state of the art technology.
  • Simply pull down notifications to see a trips details & communicate the pickup!
  • Chat forums for those that want to stay social & truly connected.
  • It's all here in one app! Freedom for flight attendants... finally!

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